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Bamboo Stick Massage

Rejuvenating Treatments

Signature Services Waiting for You

Facial Cream

European Facials

Splash of Pretty has facials for every skin type and every skin condition.  Our European facials are relaxing, so much so that many of our clients doze off during their treatment.  You will receive this specialty treatment with a neck and shoulder massage, toning facial massage, and arm and hand massage.  We use all natural products and have special elixirs that are massaged into the skin for your skin's benefit.

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Our massage practitioners will give you a calming and serene relaxation massage in our candle lit massage room.  You can also enjoy couple's massages in front of our beautiful custom fireplace.  No, you can't claim our massages ( unless you have one of those wellness plans that will let you) at least not yet!  But we'll help all your worries disappear while working on sore muscles and provide you an amazing relaxing experience.   

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone Massage

Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Hot Stone Massage. Our skilled therapists will help you find the serenity and balance you deserve by customizing a suitable treatment for you. Book your appointment today.

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Eyebrow/Eyelash Services

Eyebrow Tint, Henna Brows, Ombre Brows, Microblading, Eyelash Lift and Tints, Brow Lamination..

Improving our brow definition is simply a smart grooming strategy, especially when we’re going for a natural look. Defined brows mean you can get away with less makeup and still look put-together. That’s why our brow services are a professional option that will beautify this facial feature.

Enhancing your lashes with a safe and effective method, gives you longer looking lashes, and you're already for hitting the water this summer!

The benefits are immediate, instantly makes you look groomed

You don’t have the daily maintenace to make them look great.

Machine cosmetology

Laser Hair Removal (250/Mo) Full Body

Imagine never having to take care of unwanted hair
on your body ever again. In a split second you can go
to the beach, the pool, or just wear the outfit of your
choice without thinking about your exposed skin. Hair
removal is the #1 aesthetic treatment among
non-invasive procedures.

A master applies pink depilatory wax to a young woman's leg for hair removal. Depilation w


Eyebrow Waxing, and body waxing.  The Benefits of Waxing vs. Shaving. “Waxing lasts longer over time because hair is being removed from the follicle whereas shaving just cuts it at the surface,” says Shays. “Waxing will leave you smoother longer as unwanted hairs become thinner and in some cases don't grow back at all.



It’s no secret that getting a mani/pedi is one of the most classic and enjoyable ways to treat yourself after a long week. Nothing beats soaking your feet in essential oil-infused water while you sit back and allow the simple joys of self-love to wash over you. We all know that manicures and pedicures are more than simply painting your nails. They make us feel like we’re taking care of ourselves and tending to the details that make us feel like our best selves.
Hectic schedules and mounting responsibilities can understandably make it difficult to find time for a trip to the nail spa. But there may be more physical and psychological benefits to putting aside an extra 45 minutes in your day to treat yourself than you realize.

Body Healing

Foot Reflexology

Clear some time from your busy schedule for self-pampering with our indulging Foot Reflexology. At Splash of Pretty Day Spa we offer a palette of exceptional experiences to take care of all your self-care needs. Reward yourself—book your next Foot Reflexology today.

Eyebrow Treatment

Permanent Makeup

Citing convenience above all else, many women and men find permanent makeup to be the most economical for saving time and money. Active people will tell you that permanent makeup is a great option.
Permanent makeup lasts for years. With regular touch ups, you may never have to purchase pencils and liners again! It’s an assurance that you can wake up looking beautiful every day, with little to no effort.


Intense Pulse Light Treatments

Skin rejuvenation with SharpLight™ systems gives a younger, glowing look to your skin. It simultaneously treats
the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture. Skin rejuvenation treatments are suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands; treating sun spots, small dilated blood vessels called telangiectasias; and skin textural
changes such as small lines and enlarged pores. There are no signs of skin irritation after the treatment. You can even do it over your lunch break.
Pulsed light treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions is rapidly becoming the therapy for people seeking
lesions, telangiectasia, erythema, rosacea and broken capillaries by efficiently coagulating and eliminating small blood vessels. Pulsed light has also been proven an effective, safe, reliable and fast treatment for a range of
superficial pigmented lesions such as dyschromia, solar lentigo, mottled pigmentation and melasma. The treatments require no downtime.

The treatment of acne using pulsed light is constantly gaining popularity among patients seeking a drug-free
alternative to treat this chronic, common skin disease. Acne affects up to 80% of individuals at some time in their
life. SharpLight™ systems provide very satisfactory results in the treatment of mild and moderate inflammatory
acne, by reducing the number of papules and pustules by 60-65%. This is achieved using three effective, safe
and reliable clinical mechanisms: visible blue light absorption to destroy the bacteria, yellow light to coagulate
the feeding blood vessels and infrared light to dry the lesions.


Body Wraps

Take a moment for yourself with our indulging Body Wraps. This treatment fits into any busy schedule and revitalizes your body and spirit. Book your appointment with us today and get ready to feel revived and fully centered.



Book some time in our Tanning Bed.  Start your base tan before summer or before that much needed vacation.  

Image by Brooke Cagle

Skin Tag Removal & More

This new machine will eliminate:

  • Skin tags

  • Ruby points

  • Telangectasia (Dialated Capillaries)

  • Milia

  • Cholesterol deposit

  • Stellar angioma (spider veins)

By using heat produced by a current to coagulate the blood.

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